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About Empowered Families Chiropractic

Newborn babyDr. Danielle Hughes is an Illinois native who just recently returned to her home state to begin her new practice and a new chapter of her life. As she prepares for her upcoming wedding and the start of her own family, a focus on family wellness is the obvious choice, particularly as it aligns with her passion and talent.

Empowering Women Through Birth

The female body was designed to have children. Empowering women to trust their bodies during the birth process is crucial to achieving the birth plan they and their partner have designed for themselves. Taking ownership over the process of giving life to your children could potentially have effects that radiate positively throughout the most important stages of early development.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is a solution that has been shown to help alleviate discomfort and pain as well as aid in providing for a healthy labor and delivery for mom and baby.

After birth, pediatric care could improve digestion, sleep, colic and reflux, as well as aid in postnatal recovery.

Family Friendly Practice

Our office is a family friendly atmosphere designed specifically to welcome you and your children in a lighthearted, nonjudgmental way. Our chalkboard wall and play area set your kids at ease, and a baby changing station make it easy for new moms to feel comfortable leaving the home. Our goal is for your kids to enjoy coming to our office and to feel right at home.

Spending time playing and getting everyone comfortable is an important part of our pediatric visits. We see children of all temperaments and ages, and we look forward to personalizing our approach and treatments for every individual who enters our practice.

What Makes Us Different

Empowered Families Chiropractic is one of the primary Arlington Heights chiropractors focused on pediatric and prenatal care. We believe that chiropractic care in pregnancy can positively impact the earliest stages of life within the womb, and allow for mom to have the healthy labor and delivery she desires. Providing pediatric chiropractic care is especially rewarding when children are suffering in ways that regular adjustments can most likely manage.

Our practice is dedicated to letting patients lead the way on the journey of their care, and that is why we consider active listening to be an integral part of our process. We believe that every individual patient has their own unique path to health and wellness that can only be reached with a committed collaboration of patient and doctor. Open communication and adaptability are key to every personalized care plan that we design.

The point of chiropractic care is to increase the neurological function of your body so you can live an overall happier and healthier lifestyle. Contact us today to discover how that process looks for you.

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