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Chiropractic Care

Your Care Plan

Cervical Chiropractic adjustmentOur goal at Empowered Families Chiropractic is for all of our practice members to achieve their own personal level of baseline wellness. In order to elicit permanent change, soft tissue needs about 14-16 weeks of care. After this corrective phase, we recommend a minimum of 8 more weeks in order to fully address your issues.

Upon meeting with the doctor, the length of your care plan will become tailored to your specific needs.

The doctor will also decide upon meeting with you which technique is best suited to your goals.

Your Nervous System

Did you know that 80% of your nervous system has nothing to do with pain and sensation? That’s right-the majority of your nervous system is entirely focused on functionality.

Only the remaining 20% is focused on feeling, sensation, and pain. What that means is, even if you’re not feeling any pain, there could still be dysfunctions in areas of your nervous system. Our techniques are designed and chosen to address those dysfunctions and prevent future pain and suffering.

Our Chosen Techniques

Dr. Danielle is a very gentle adjuster which is necessary for her chosen client base. She heavily utilizes the Thompson Drop technique, which uses a drop table to help provide high velocity, low amplitude, low force adjustments. This provides patients which a less forceful adjustment.

The doctor also uses the Diversified technique, another high velocity, low amplitude thrust technique that is more traditionally associated with chiropractic manual adjustments.

Dr. Danielle also utilizes the Activator, an instrument adjusting tool, for a specific and more gentle approach when needed.

She also offers tonal techniques such as Logan and Craniosacral techniques. Ultimately, the doctor always takes patient preference into her approach for care.

Learn More About Our Techniques Today

Call our offices to discuss the techniques that could work best for you today. Dr. Hughes has a variety of options and care plans that could fit your needs and improve the overall health and wellness of you and your family today.

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