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Meet Dr. Danielle Hughes

Chiropractor Arlington Heights, Dr. Danielle HughesDr. Danielle Hughes is a local Arlington Heights chiropractor excited to open her new practice in her home state of Illinois. Dr. Danielle’s passion for family wellness flows thematically throughout both her practice and her personal life, as she just recently was married and is starting her own new family.

She is excited to travel the path of beginning a new family alongside her patients, allowing her to bring an increased ability to empathize with their struggles alongside her experience and education.

Discovering Her Passion

As Dr. Danielle was considering the future of her medical career, she found that the principles of Chiropractic aligned well with her own philosophies, particularly the idea that health comes from within, and that with proper guidance our bodies are able to heal themselves.

Chiropractic care became the obvious choice, and she enrolled in the prestigious Life University in Atlanta.

Over the course of her chiropractic education, it really started to click for Dr. Danielle how incredible the human body really is. Neurology is such an amazing component of the human body and seeing the ways chiropractic adjustments could increase neurological function and overall health and wellness helped her realize just how entirely she could positively affect the health of babies and pregnant women.

Over the course of her education, she was able to witness how quickly children can respond to adjustments and find relief from their issues, and that particularly component of chiropractic care quickly became fascinating to her.

Dr. Danielle is excited to share her knowledge and passion with your family.

Education and Certifications

Dr. Danielle attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for undergraduate, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Health.

She then attended Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, a leading chiropractic and holistic health University, where she received her doctorate degree.

Dr. Danielle is also Webster Certified. The Webster technique is a sacral adjustment technique that helps to facilitate the mother’s pelvic alignment and nervous system function, which in turn balances pelvic muscles and ligaments and reduces torsion to the uterus during pregnancy.

Dr. Danielle is on the cusp of finishing her ICPA certification. The ICPA is a non-profit that provides training, public education, and research to support chiropractic care for children and pregnancy. Dr. Danielle has completed 200 extra hours of prenatal and pediatric training in the pursuit of this certification.

Excitement for the Future

Dr. Danielle spends her free time expanding her knowledge and certifications, planning for her new office and upcoming wedding, and traveling with her fiancé. They love to see new places, snowboard, and experience new and interesting cuisines. She also looks forward to getting involved in local charities, intramural sports, and chiropractic organizations.

Dr. Danielle looks forward to applying her highly specialized education and certifications to your care. Contact us to begin your journey to your healthiest pregnancy and make an appointment today!

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