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New Practice Members

Our office was designed purposefully to make our practice members feel at ease. Our waiting room is filled with natural light, activities for children, and muted, calming colors. We look forward to warmly welcoming you and your children to our family practice!

Your First Visit

Your first visit is heavily focused on communication. We begin with a tour and a consultation focused on getting to know each other and getting comfortable sharing information. Dr. Danielle discusses in depth about Chiropractic care and how subluxation or neurological dysfunction can affect your health so that you fully understand and can make the best decisions regarding your health and wellness.

At that point, if both parties which to move forward, we move on to a full health history and physical exam. The exam includes a full neurological exam, a musculoskeletal exam, a postural exam, a thermal scan, a surface EMG scan, and a heart rate variability test. Other proprioception tests may be included as well. If we determine x-rays are needed, we will provide further instructions on obtaining those and returning to discuss them.

Prepare to spend about an hour in the office for this visit.

Your Second Visit

When you return for your second visit, the doctor will provide a highly specialized “report of findings.” This report covers all of your results, as well as, a suggested care plan and financial options. The doctor will discuss all of these findings with the patient and move forward with the adjustment. Prepare to spend about half an hour in the office for this visit.

Regular Office Visits

Regular office visits are just a short chunk of time in exchange for greatly increased overall function and wellness. Prepare to spend a mere 5-10 minutes in our office for these regular visits. If you plan on receiving care for your child during these visits, budget for closer to 20 minutes.


Empowered Families Chiropractic offers many affordable financial options to pay for Chiropractic services. The most common method being a monthly payment plan for your individual care plan. Dr. Danielle’s mission is to see whole families and makes receiving chiropractic care for your whole family affordable.

Contact our offices at (224) 478-2621 to begin your journey to health and wellness. We look forward to crafting a uniquely tailored plan specific to your body and goals. Book your visit at Empowered Families Chiropractic today!

New Practice Members | (224) 478-2621